Neo Japanesque

“Neo Japanesque”

“Neo Japanesque”  is the band which is Western and Japanese mixed instrumental unit consisting Japanese flute “Shinobue”, Japanese Taiko drums, drums, piano and bass. Neo has the mission to carry on the traditional Japanese culture to the next generation. Neo’s sound bring to us a message of world peace spiritually. Absolutely new sounds of “ East meets West”!

Members: Kazuya Ogawa – drums and percussion / Ryohey Katsu – keyboard, synthesizer & Flute/ Shinkai Matsushita – bass/ Ryuichi Yagi – Guitar/ Yu Yoshimoto – Shinobue( Japanese Flute) / Sota Asano – Taiko drums/ Hiroshi Takeuchib -Shakuhachi(bamboo flute)



Management Contact:   New York Hallelujah Company LLC

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